Tuscany's Story 

Getting Started

We are located in a heritage home on Bowen Island. It is a unique and small space so we recommend making reservations as we hate to disappoint.

We are passionate about the quality of our food, and host you as a family welcoming you into our home so be prepared to relax and join us on "Island time".

We look forward to meeting you at the table!

Hand made Pizza

Here at Tuscany we make our dough by hand....from scratch so to speak. No two pies are alike. This process of dough making is slow and arduous but oh so worth it. All our ingredients are chosen with intention, local wherever possible, and ethically sourced. 

Good food takes time!

About Us

At our core we are a family restaurant with an eye for detail and an appreciation for good food. 


We bring together the Italian trattoria concept with the abundance of West Coast produce to create something unique and delicious in a remarkable setting.


Our Mission at Tuscany is: "To bring our passion for quality food and community together around the fulcrum of the table".

Email: ReserveTuscany@gmail.com

Call: 604.947.0550

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